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Journal Entry: Sun Aug 10, 2014, 6:53 PM

Yeah. I got a story I can tell you guys. Thanks to SOMEONE calling me out multiple times, and me trying to sate my own boredom, i'm finally getting to this. So...let's begin, shall we?

Hmm, so when did-ah. April 20, 2007. I've happened across deviant art a little before that, maybe beginning of the year or just near the end of the year before, just browsing. It was mostly due to being a fan of Digimon, the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Happy tree friends, and KINGDOM HEEAAAARTS! ...Hoestly, I was in it for the romance and violence xD Was shipping before I knew what shipping was xD But yeah, officially joined so I could stop filling up my favorites bar with links. Anyway, I was just observing and whatnot, not even faving most of the time owo Same time, i discovered fanfiction, and that's that for the most part. Me and my best friend Troy (aka Haseo-Ani-Waya) ended up spending a lot of time getting hyped over above fandom works we found, be it visual art or literary art.

THEN in the Happy Tree Friends fandom, I actually made my first friend who BECAME my friend x'D A Redwall loving dudette going by av-marten. Found her through her fanfic (now burried 6 miles under xD) Call of Cthulhu. For her sake, i won't mention the premises. But yeah, ended up commenting, and we became pretty good friends owo we still talk every now and then, buuuuut we left the HTF fandom behind-wait. Jumping ahead. So after that, still in the fandoms up above, mind you, I TRY to make some art. I'm gonna be honest, it was either heavily referenced to unoriginal. and when it looks good, it's because I cheated and kinda-sorta traced (if holding paper over the image and making a stick skeleton counts) to get a good idea of things., I never posted them, so whatever.

Some time later...a FATEFUL ENCOUTNER HAPPEND. Ya see, 5 years ago, I came across this story called AWOL, another HTF fanfic, in which the writer also had an account on here. She could draw quite a bit too (I say that in terms of her ability now, but she drew hella rad still xD). So I ended up finding it, and I commented on a picture. ...THIS picture, to be exact.
KuroKaze Vs. Akakabuto by Zs99
yeah. that's right. Some of you MIGHT recognize this, but that fateful encounter was with none other then mein Fuhrer and Better half. Zs99!!! HOLD YOU FUCKING APPLAUSE I AIN'T DONE YET!!! anyway. And guess what. I'm not sure WHAT did it, but not only did I meet my partner in crime, my lover, and my BEST best friend, I met the person who pretty much jumpstarted my creativity and my WANT to try and make art. Got me actually RPing...and making original characters of my own. ...well, I had, but me actually attempting to make one.

That lead to this.
My name is Dante by Dragonuv3
My first attempt at drawing Dante. He was originally an HTF OC, but he didn't fit in anything, so I just kept him to roleplaying. Mostly with :iconzs99: and :iconav-marten:. ...Ugh. it was terrible.

I've also met a lot of awesome people throughout this site here and there. Another personal milestone for me was actually entering an OCT. An Original Character Tournament. This was through Av, and I ended up using a character I inteded to use for something else. My SECOND attempt at drawing someting...Lysander by Dragonuv3 yeah. Lysander ^^; I was surprised I made it to the final round. but I had to forfeit due to school needing my time ^^;

But throughout the years on this site, i've met a whole lot of awesome people who've inspired me, made me laugh, kept me up when I was feeling down, and were all around cool dudes.

These include, but are not limited to (sorry, i'm trying to rush this now):

(I can't remember everyone else's username atm :'D Sorry ^^; )

Also, big props to :iconav-marten: for being my first friend and holding it down xD

VERY big props to my derpy DA Daughter :iconscottishpeppers: I remember you commented on my comment on a :iconskia: picture, and your icon of your OC Tailskemon playing a ds drew me in x'D WE TIGHT LIKE THAT NOW YO!!!!!

Thanks to my Blood brother :iconhaseo-ani-waya: for being my best bro, like seriously, though we are the WORST best friends ever, we're still the BEST best friends x'D

And most importantly, thank you :iconzs99:. You've...been so much to me xD My inspiration, my rival, the reminder that I've got further to reach for...and my rock, for the simplest things and when I needed it the most. I love you, my crazy akita girl.

Anyway, I'm signing off now. Love you all...and I'll save you a seat at my table!!!!

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  • Listening to: Evil Needle - Light Ray
  • Reading: Fanfictions.
  • Watching: Barbershop
  • Playing: Pokemon Y
  • Eating: Waffles
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