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August 19, 2012
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Tobias Heller by Dragonuv3 Tobias Heller by Dragonuv3
He's not all that nice.

...Ugh, I'm too tired to type anything coherant atm. I'll add info later. Sorry ^^;

I WILL tell you that I started this during a free period in May, then I had to stop for a bit, then I recently started working on it agian. I've been wanting to upload the finished thing since friday owo Well, here it is.


Okay, NOW that I'm well rested and all that jazz, I can adequately put together a bio. And also, I wanted to point out that this is probably the best drawing I did for awhile...though Aggrivated Jazz is tied with it owo Anyway, let's get started!!!!

Name: Tobias Heller
Nickname/Alias: Doormouse (inside thing), Toby.
Species: Brown mouse. (looks like a half human hybrid in this pic though)
Age: 19
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 121 lbs
Gender: Male (duh)
Sexual orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Taken
Known Relatives: none.
Overall Personality: Sarcastic, deadpan snarky, ra bit of a pessimist, some anger issues (especially with his height), but is a really good guy deep down...he's just had a very weird way of showing it.
Note: has a bad case of RPRT ( wRong Place, wRong Time.)
Place of redisence: Redgrave House.
Likes: His girlfriend, fighting, breaking punching bags, reading. Lots and lots of reading.
Dislikes: Cops, people talking about his height, sore losers, getting a fight interrupted, anyone who messes with hsi gf.
Quirks: has a habit of getting into trouble. anger issues. Mostly a hit first ask later person.
Abilities: Very experienced street fighter, naturally fast and agile. Can use his tail like a whip. A VERY talented escape artist. Can think on his feet pretty fast.

Weakness: mortal. Isn't all that strong.

Brief Bio: Will add later. *watches a movie*
Tobias: JACKASS D<!!!

Tobias Heller (c) :icondragonuv3:

:iconcommentplz: I'm gonnna start adding these, because they matter to me what you think about it.
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Pcaara Nov 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hes so cuuteee XD Your anatomy improved, or at least it looks like it here! :la:
Dragonuv3 Nov 22, 2012  Student General Artist
Wow, thanks for the feedback ^W^
Wow he looks great. :la: Very nice job. :)
Haseo-Ani-Waya Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You mispelled "his" in that lastg sentence under dislikes. Brings to mind Ehren from the Codex Alera series.
Dragonuv3 Aug 20, 2012  Student General Artist
His inspiration was actually Cody Travers. He's nowhere NEAR as lax though.
Haseo-Ani-Waya Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconjackatlasplz: I don't know who that is.
Dragonuv3 Aug 20, 2012  Student General Artist
You're on the internet, aren't you?
Haseo-Ani-Waya Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I wasn't. Am now.
Zs99 Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ya did a great job o3o Both on the picture and the bio o3o

Heh, he sure made a first impression, bumping into a blind woman and asking if she was blind x'3
Dragonuv3 Aug 20, 2012  Student General Artist
yup x'3
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